PCMAV 5.0 Valhalla – PCMedia 04/2011

Good news to all my blog reader. Today my monthly PCMedia Magazine has been released. New Version of PCMAV 5.0 Valhalla included with this PC Media 04/2011 Magazine. All feature are new, improved and bug fixed. All you need to do is read the README.txt file. Also for information my PCMAV has include new CLAMAV version. Thanks for All that download from my blog. Thanks to PCMAV Team for this great antivirus.
Source for detail in indonesian language are here.

For you that need the file, download it immediately :

1. PCMAV 5.0 Valhalla Download Link here.

4 Responses

  1. what is password?

  2. no password needed. i don’t set password for the rar file.

  3. setiap hasil scan pc mav ada virus yg minta di email ke alamat pc mac, namun sy tak tahu caranya
    mohon informasinya dong.???

  4. kamu bisa buka http://virusindonesia.com disitu ada menu untuk upload virus. Thanks.

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