PCMAV 2.0a

pcmav20a1Today i found that PCMedia has been released. New Version of PCMAV 2.0a included with this PCMedia Magazine.
All feature are new, improved and bug fixed. All you need to do is read the README.txt file.
Source for detail in indonesian language available at here.

For you that need the file, download it immediately :

1. PCMAV 2.0a Download Link here.

2 Responses

  1. mas,ini pcmav 2.0a nya uda di coba blom???
    td pgi saya download dr yg lain rtp nya ga jln&mlh nyebar ke pcmav 2.0.0.
    makasih,ikut sedot

  2. beberapa antivirus luar negeri detect rtp pcmav sebagai virus karena string dlm rtp pcmav mirip virus..
    kl pake avg kamu masukin ke list exception aja.. gw coba ok2 aja tuh..
    thx ya dah berkunjung ke blog aku..

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