PCMAV 1.92

PCMAV 1.92 has been published along with the rising PC Media magazine.
What’s new in this version?
a.Added, a database and cleaning 48 virus local / foreign / new variants have been spread in Indonesia. Total 2493 virus variannya along with the many outstanding in Indonesia has been known in this version 1.92 by engine internal PCMAV.

b.Updated, special cleaner that can overcome the new variants Windx-Maxtrox virus that can menginfeksi executable file.

c.Updated, the routine duty in the search files.

d.Maintenance, the routine for the eradication of the virus detected by engine ClamAV status to “Deleted” and not “Cleaned”.

e.Added, the confirmation message when trying to delete the virus detected by the possibility of engine ClamAV was infection office documents such as DOC & XLS.

f.Added, the heuristic engine that can detect the new variant a lot of spread.

g.Improved, error detection (false alarms) in some heuristik program and the script.

h.Updated, some changes in the name of the virus variants that found.

i.Some minor improvements and bug improvised code for internal ensure that the PCMAV Cleaner & PCMAV RealTime Protector more of just how common.

For details you can see in the README.TXT file that is in the file rar / zip provided.

For you that need the file, download it immediately :

1. PCMAV 1.92 without Engine Clamav 0.94.2 please klik here.
2. Engine Clamav 0.94.2 please klik here.
3. Addon Engine that make Clamav can be combined with PCMAV can be downloaded here.
4. Main CVD clamav download here.
5. Daily CVD clamav download here.

Combine all file that you have downloaded into 1 folder to make PCMav run together with Engine ClamAV.

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